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Class Registration Links


To register for classes held at colleges please click the appropriate link before for desired location. Your payment is made directly through the college's community ed program).

HVCC  (Hudson Valley Community College Community and Professional Education)

SUNYAdirondack  (Community Education)

CGCC (Columbia Greene Community College-Community Engagement & Professional Development)

SCCC (Schenectady County Community College)

Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Continuing Education please call Amy Cullen 518-399-9141 x85013

To register for classes held at area businesses, such as Nine Pin Cider, Bake for You, Chocolate is Self Care Tea Studio or the NRLA building classes, click HERE.

Buttercup Cookie handles the registration for these class locations, and payment is made through this website via PayPal (you can check out as a guest, you do not need to have a PayPal account).


About Our Cookie Decorating Classes

Do you love to decorate cookies but have never worked with royal icing? Are you inspiring to become a cookier but in need of a few pointers? If so, then join Buttercup Cookie for a unique opportunity to learn the basics of decorating in the Beginner class, and then up your game in the Intermediate class!

Beginner classes Thank you for your interest in learning the use of royal icing to decorate cookies. If you’ve never worked with royal icing, or have dabbled just a little, this 2 hour class will help get the ball rolling. We will work step by step on decorating 5 cookies to learn hands on the various decorating techniques used with royal icing, specifically piping/outlining, flooding and wet on wet techniques. A projector screen will be used so that each participant has a good view.  Bakery boxes will be provided to transport your cookies home, as well as a goodie bag with a decorating tool, a cookie cutter, some disposable piping bags and a packet of seasonal sprinkles and/or cookie decorations. All supplies for class are provided (perhaps bring your eye glasses if you find they will be helpful). Prior to your class you will receive an informational email containing a sugar cookie recipe, royal icing recipe, cookie baking basics, tips and tricks of the trade, as well as places online to check out for additional tutorials, instructional blogs, additional recipes, and vendors/suppliers for products. Plus discount codes to some favorite vendors! In previous classes this information was presented at the start of class, but in an effort to shorten the class to 2 hours this info will be sent prior to class so you can view at your leisure and come to class with any questions you may have. My hope is you will leave with loads of inspiration and further enjoy the art of cookie decorating! Ages 10+

It’s all in the details

Intermediate classes are the next stage of cookie decorating. Now that you have taken a beginner level class and have learned the basics of cookie decorating with royal icing, it’s time to move on to other techniques and uses of royal icing, including the use of tools, product and equipment which will bring your cookies up a notch. In this class you will be trying different techniques such as airbrushing, stenciling, painting, candy/fondant details using silicone molds, making icing transfers and/or brush embroidery, plus more! You should leave this class with a hands on understanding of these various techniques; and of course your 4 decorated cookies and a goodie bag! So, let’s start learning some new techniques...and further your love for the art of cookie decorating! Ages 12+

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