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Cookie Decorating Classes

Do you love to decorate cookies but have never worked with royal icing? Are you inspiring to become a cookier but in need of a few pointers? If so, then join Buttercup Cookie for a unique opportunity to learn the basics of decorating in the Level 1 class, and then up your game in Level 2 class! 


Classes are frequently held at HVCC, MVCC, ACC, Siena College, local restaurants and entertainment sites. Level 1 classes have a 12-24 seat capacity depending on the teaching location, and Level 2 has a 12 seat capacity (held at HVCC). Classes are for ages 12+.

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Level I Beginner classes will cover the basics of baking cookies, a few tips and tricks of the trade, but more importantly an introduction into the world of cookie decorating! You will leave with an understanding of proper royal icing consistency as well as my icing recipe and an easy sugar cookie recipe. I will also provide a list of websites for further decorating inspiration and places to purchase supplies, not to mention a goodie bag and of course your 5 decorated cookies!

It’s all in the details

Level II Intermediate classes will build on Level I skills.  In this class we will be learning different creative techniques such as airbrushing with edible spray, stenciling with icing, fondant details using silicone molds, piping icing transfers and/or brush embroidery. You should leave this class with a hands on understanding of these various techniques; of course your 4 cookies and a goodie bag! ON HOLD UNTIL AFTER COVID PANDEMIC